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Sam Mayes Thinks Coaches Have Had Enough

Sam Mayes Thinks Coaches Have Had Enough

Well, Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator is making more than a million a year for at least the next three years. Lincoln Riley is set at OU under a head coach, Bob Stoops, who is making $5.5 million a year, but that doesn’t compare to the SEC and more importantly Alabama. Nick Saban, Alabama head coach, is set to make $11.5 million next year, which will the highest among any college football coach; this isn’t even the shocking part. The Rolling Tide’s offensive coordinator will make $1.2 million in his first year and the defensive coordinator with a nice $1.3 million. Then looking down the list, you see Alabama’s outside linebacker’s coach will make $950,000 next year.

All that to say, Triple M Ranch’s Sam Mayes isn’t happy about the increase in coaches salaries, especially assistants.

“The Alabama outside linebacker coach turned down defensive coordinator positions to stay at Alabama because he’s making a million dollars,” Mayes said. “Nick Saban has the ability to keep all the staff there because he can pay them whatever, which in turn increases recruiting.”

While college football programs aren’t able to pay better players to come to their school over a different school, they are able to pay the coaches this exorbitant amount to keep the best coaches and recruiters at the top schools. Sam’s suggestion is to cap the salaries of coaches in college football to help spread the wealth of the coaching talent and level the playing field some. This cap would prevent the Alabama’s of the college football world from spending nearly $15 million dollars solely on coaches. As Sam puts it, how much is a coach actually worth?

When looking at college football and how the big debate currently is whether athletes should be paid, the deeper question is why are coaches being paid more than university presidents. The argument can not be made that paying the players would be too expensive for the schools or even that it would take away the amateur nature of the game.

“The first argument is that this is amateur athletics, it’s not about the money,” Mayes said. “You’ve got guys getting raise after raise after raise and now the national championship will have a halftime show similar to the Super Bowl.”

The college game is becoming so focused on the money and Sam is worried it will get out of control and the NCAA won’t be able to contain it.

If the NCAA mandated a salary cap or spending cap on coaches, it would allow the coaching talent to spread out across the country more and hopefully bring more Power 5 teams into contention whether nationally or in its own conference; is one man really worth $10 million?

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