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3 thoughts from Monday at Oklahoma

3 thoughts from Monday at Oklahoma

Some news, an apology and an untucked shirt.

Take-aways from Monday’s press conference:

1. Andrews will be back

Oklahoma fans got some good news Monday after when coach Lincoln Riley said Mark Andrews would be available to play against Tulane Saturday.

Andrews who had seven catches in an opening win against UTEP, left the game with a left knee injury in the second quarter against Ohio State. He never retired to the game, although he was on the sidelines for the entire second half.

“Mark’s good, “Riley said. “We think Mark will play this week.” That’s really good news for the Sooners who featured Andrews in that win against UTEP.

However, there was a bit of bad news as far as injuries go.

Riley indicated Will Johnson at safety could be out longer. Cody Ford at left guard is also listed as day-to-day by Riley.

2. Bob Stoops sure looked happy

Bob Stoops was at the Ohio State game, sitting in a suite, wearing jeans and an untucked shirt.

Retirement seems to fit nicely on the former Oklahoma head coach.

And after the Sooners won against the Buckeyes, 31-16, Stoops made his way down to the field, into the tunnel and looked more than content. Stoops was caught on camera hugging anyone wearing crimson and cream, including coach Lincoln Riley and quarterback Baker Mayfield.

So, has anyone seen Stoops that happy or that relaxed?

“I have,” Mayfield said Monday during the team’s weekly press conference. “He was congratulating us. He was proud of us and happy for us. All of these guys are part of what he brought in. He was a huge factor in what the team did Saturday.”

3. The apology

Before Mayfield took questions from the media Monday, he offered an apology for his behavior, which he said wasn’t meant to embarrass or disrespect Ohio State, its team or fans.

Now, whether you believe Mayfield should be apologizing or whether you think he has done nothing wrong, Mayfield clearly felt as though something needed to be said.

And whether you think his apology Monday was heartfelt or contrived, doesn’t matter either. Mayfield said he was sorry and he did it without the national media coming down on him and making it as though he forced into dialogue.

“Emotional game,” Mayfield said. “I didn’t mean for it to be disrecpctulf to players or their team. “We do the flag at OU-Texas and I got caught up in an emotional win. I should have done in tin the lockerroom and not in the middle of the field.”

Mayfield went on to say how he understands why some are so upset.

“If they did that here, I would have been pissed, too,” He said.”

Mayfield is quite polarizing, but his apology will definitely win him some fans.

We have a new identity. We’re a close-knit group.

Jordan Thomas on Mike Stoops: “Mike’s Mike. He’s a high-energy guy. … He’s fidgety, spastic Mike. I love it

It’s his win, too. He built what we have now. Linocln Riley was a great win. Bob gets to celebrate too. We’re still his guys. It was huge to see him so excited and jumping around even thoughhe had a hip replacement.

Big moment for us, but it won’t be the highlight of the season. We just have our minds set to take care of business.


Riley: “I know what (Mayfield) meant by (the flag plant), not any disrespect toward Ohio State

Mark andrews will play this week. Will

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