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3 Sooners I wish I would have covered

3 Sooners I wish I would have covered
Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is all over social media, college football coaches are now retweeting players and everyone in college sports is a professional public figure.
And while it’s great to cover Mayfield, Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, Steven Adams, former Thunder player James Harden and people like Bob Stoops and Mike Gundy, sometimes I think I may have missed out.
I cared about Oklahoma football as a child of the 80s. It mattered most to me then, so with that in mind, here are three Sooners I wish I could have covered:
1. Brian Bosworth
Can you imagine The Boz on Instagram? Amazing. Or how bout Boz on Twitter the week before the Texas game.
@44Boz I’ve always hated #Texas. Burnt Orange Makes Me Wanna Puke. #hookem
Meanwhile, the opportunity then to interview Bosworth, a chance to get to know him as a player, to sit across from him and talk, especially in 1985 when media opportunities with players would have been much better, would have been glorious.
2.  Marcus Dupree
As a kid he was my favorite football player. You’ve seen the highlights. You know why. As an adult, I’ve always been fascinated by his story.
Bigger than everyone, faster than everyone, too. Dupree was Earl Campbell and Eddie George and Adrian Peterson, but troubled and seemingly more complex. The chance to talk to Dupree, to see his game from a reporter’s eye, instead from my nine year-old self, is something I wish I could do.
3. Keith Jackson
When I think about Oklahoma and Nebraska, I think about Keith Jackson and the 88-yard end-around. I only wish I was there to ask him about it. I have fond memories of sitting on the couch, watching the game and then trying to duplicate the same play in the backyard.
Jackson was the Wayman Tisdale of the football team. Always smiling, always outgoing and just a great representative for Oklahoma.
I felt like I knew Jackson, but that was a kid. Maybe because he was always smiling. I wish I had known him as a professional. The chance to visit with him would have been outstanding.
Who are some Oklahoma football players you always wanted to know more about. Tweet me @andrewgilmanOK and let me know.

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