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3 quick thoughts: NFL, Brewer and the Warriors

3 quick thoughts: NFL, Brewer and the Warriors

A little bit about a bit of what’s going on.

… There’s talk the NFL is considering a rule change to defensive pass interference. Well, bout time, actually. The defensive pass interference penalty is the worst penalty in sports. The spot foul is a crusher for the defense. It’s conceivable a team could suffer a 40-yard penalty. Well, the NFL is apparently talking about adopting the rule the NCAA uses, which is a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down. Now, some might say NFL defensive backs might take advantage of this rule and immediately interfere if they know they are about to get burned, but, so what? Seems it doesn’t really happen all that often in college, so why would it happen with the pro players? Anyway, here’s a suggestion for a rule change instead of making it a 15-yarder. Keep it a spot foul, like it is now, but if a team is called for offensive pass interference, make it the same amount of yards the penalty would have been for on the defense. In other words, if the penalty occurs 32 yards down the field and the penalty is called on the offense, move ’em back 32 yards. Make it more equitable than it is. I’m for that. …

… If money was the concern for bringing in NBA veteran Corey Brewer, it shouldn’t have been. ESPN has reported the Thunder are going to sign Brewer after he clears waivers. Brewer isn’t the kind of player who can make a difference in the Thunder winning a title, but perhaps he can play 10-12 minutes per game and help the team make the playoffs. Now, it’s going to basically cost OKC about $1 million, which seems like a lot for what amounts to be 20 games, especially for a guy who won’t play that much. But really, why not? The Thunder are already so deep into the luxury tax, this doesn’t matter all that much. Then again, I’m not the one paying the bills for OKC. …

… The NBA standings in the Western Conference are changing on a daily basis. Kinda fun for the fans and kinda stressful for Thunder fans. If the Thunder aren’t going to win the title this year, and it seems like a safe bet they won’t, go ahead and give me Golden State in the first round. The chance to see Russell Westbrook go against Durant and Draymond would be a lot of fun. And if OKC isn’t going to win it all anyway, might as well get some great plot lines and some drama, too. …

… Over 0.5 games: Number of wins the Sooners will have in the NCAA tournament this season. …

… Under 1.5 games: Number of wins the Thunder will have in the NBA playoffs this season. …

… Over: 0.5 games: Number of games the Cowboys will win in the Big 12 tournament. …

… Under: 1.5 games: Number of wins the Thunder will have the rest of the season in five tries against San Antonio, Houston and Golden State.



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