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2018 NFL Draft: Mayfield’s most recent projections

2018 NFL Draft: Mayfield’s most recent projections

The 2018 NFL Draft is nearly a month away and speculation continues on where Baker Mayfield is going to land. While any franchise fan base would love to have the quarterback, recent mock drafts have him going in the top 10. The most recent mock drafts have Mayfield being drafted by the Bills, Jets, or Browns.

Pick No. 3, New York Jets

The New York Jets shook up the mock drafts this past week after trading this years no. 6, no. 37, and no. 49, as well as a 2019 second-rounder to the Colts in exchange for this years no. 3 pick. After missing out on Kirk Cousins, the Jets are stuck with Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater. However, according to Sports Illustrated, the Jets will be drafting Baker Mayfield with their no. 3 pick. Mayfield has shown the capability to deal with the media in one of the biggest markets, as well as display the talent to build a franchise. As he will be able to learn from a veteran, Mayfield will have the opportunity to play in his first year at a franchise such as the Jets.

Pick No. 5, Buffalo Bills(mock trade from DEN)

The Denver Broncos recently signed Case Keenum, ending the speculation of Mayfield going to play in the Mile High City. Although Keenum isn’t the exact quarterback they’re needing, he can buy them time to snag other players needed. According to CBS NFL, Denver will trade Mayfield to the Buffalo Bills. A play-making quarterback is something Sean McDermott needs and Mayfield shows the potential to be the man. Mayfield worked out with the team this past Monday and will work out with three more teams within the week.

Pick No. 1, Cleveland Browns

Most of the mock drafts have Josh Rosen or Sam Darnold being drafted by the Cleveland Browns at the no. 1 pick. However, according to Bleacher Report, Mayfield will be drafted by the Browns in the first spot. Cleveland has experienced some horrendous seasons in their most recent years and could use a fresh start. Mayfield not only has the talent, but the attitude and leadership to turn the franchise around. In addition. Mayfield has said he would love to be drafted first.

Mayfield will not be attending the draft, as he will be watching from home with his family. Despite the lack of his presence, many will be tuning in to find out who will draft the quarterback. The draft will start on April 26th and wrap-up on April 28th. The NFL Network will air the draft.

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