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2016 season preview: #Please #RT, Predictions for all 82 games in 140 characters or less

2016 season preview: #Please #RT, Predictions for all 82 games in 140 characters or less

The season starts tonight in Philly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to all 82 regular-season games and beyond for the Thunder.

Oct. 26 – at Philadelphia
Game 1: W – No @kdTrey5, no one misses you. Kyle Singler was amazing and has the best haircut in the league. Easy opening day night. #undefeated .

Oct. 28 – vs. Phoenix
Game 2: W – Good to be back home. What a start to the season. Kind of odd all of @kdTrey35s stuff is still in his locker. Oh, and so is James Harden’s.

Oct. 30 – vs. Lakers
Game 3: W – 3-0 start, top of the Northwest Division standings. What a time to be alive. Probably go undefeated this season.

Nov. 2 – at Clippers
Game 4: L – Just called Jostens. Canceled my NBA championship ring order. They charged me a “re-stocking” fee. Total

Nov. 3 – at Golden State
Game 5: L – Well, apparently Russ and KD aren’t Facebook friends anymore. Awkward. Wonder if anyone else noticed? Probably not.

Nov. 5 – vs. Minnesota
Game 6: W – So good to be back home. #Blessed

Nov. 7 – vs. Miami
Game 7: W – It’ll be good to watch Dion Waiters and not be frustrated. #and1

Nov. 9 – vs. Toronto
Game 8: L – Can you believe this team beat Cleveland twice in the Eastern Conference Finals? Can you believe Russell Westbrook could actually take too many shots? Yes. And yes.

Nov. 11 – vs.Clippers
Game 9: W – Now starting at forward for the Clippers, futureThunder All-Star Blake Griffin.

Nov. 13 – vs. Orlando
Game 10: W – Gonna be an amazing video tribute for Serge Ibaka. Gonna be even better when he shoots a dozen 3-pointers because he doesn’t like to play inside.☕️

Nov. 14 – at Detroit
Game 11: W – Sure stinks Russell Westbrook didn’t get to embarrass Reggie Jackson. Or elbow him in the jaw. Either way. Get well soon, Reggie!

Nov. 16 – vs. Houston
Game 12: L – Remember when people used to get mad at James Harden. Seems kind of quaint now, and booing Patrick Beverley is old news.

Nov. 18 – vs. Brooklyn
Game 13: W – The first 100 fans who can name three players on the Nets’ roster get a free sno-cone.

Nov. 20 – vs. Indiana
Game 14: W – This is when the MVP chants start. For Kyle Singler. #float #tank

Nov. 22 – at Lakers
Game 15: L – The first of back-to-back games against teams where the Thunder should win back-to-back times. And you know what that means. But at least Russ will look good for the home crowd.

Nov. 23 – at Sacramento
Game 16: L – It’s early in the season, which means Kings’ fans are somewhat engaged. Same goes for DeMarcus Cousins, who’s a pretty good player when he tries.

Nov. 25 – at Denver
Game 17: W – Nuggets are bad. Russ gets a few extra minutes on the bench. No one cares.

Nov. 26 – vs. Detroit
Game 18: W – At least when Reggie Jackson left he didn’t do it to go to the world champs. No matter, Russ is still taking it personally.

Nov. 28 – at New York
Game 19: W – Wonder who Derek Fisher will cheer for?

Nov. 30 – vs. Washington
Game 20: W – This is not the game where John Wall surpasses Russell Westbrook as the best guard in the league.

Dec. 4 – vs. New Orleans
Game 21: L – Anthony Davis didn’t even need a last-second shot this time.

Dec. 5 – at Atlanta
Game 22: L – A losing streak. Russ shoots too much. The Thunder don’t pass well. Please RT.

Dec. 9. – vs. Houston
Game 23: W – We get James Harden and Pat Beverley in OKC twice more before the end of 2016? Nice. #Blessed

Dec 11. – vs. Boston
Game 24: L – Ever think you’d see the day where Marcus Smart would outplay Russell Westbrook? It happens.

Dec. 13 – at Portland
Game 25: L – Back to back road games start here. With a loss.

Dec. 14 – at Utah
Game 26: L- Your yearly reminder Quin Snyder is a coach in the NBA.

Dec. 17 – vs. Phoenix
Game 27: W – If the Thunder could get Phoenix on the schedule, say six-to-eight more times, they’d be the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.

Dec. 19 – vs. Atlanta
Game 28: W – If you’re the type of fan who needs more Atlanta basketball in your life, December has been a great month.

Dec. 21 – at New Orleans
Game 29: L –Dozens of fans show up to see the high-flying Kyle Singler and the rest of the Thunder in New Orleans.

Dec. 23 – at Boston
Game 30: L – Is that a Thunder game or Russ and the boys in the season finale of The Walking Dead. #Topical

Dec. 25 – vs. Minnesota
Game 31: W – Nothing says Merry Christmas like the T-Wolves in town.

Dec. 27 – at Miami
Game 32: L – Remember when we hated Miami because they were a “Super Team,” formulated behind-the-scenes? Those were the days and Russell Westbrook didn’t even em call em, “Cute.”

Dec. 29 – at Memphis
Game 33: W – Limited interest by the Grizz means limited minutes for Russ.

Dec. 31 vs. Clippers
Game 34: W – New Year’s Eve in OKC means a last chance in 2016 for Chris Paul to try and trick the refs into another charge call. Hopefully he’ll resolve to do even more of that in ’17.

Jan. 2 at Milwaukee
Game 35: W – The Thunder watch in awe as Ersan Illyasova is inspired by the hearty welcome from the Milwaukee fans and plays 17 minutes, scoring six points and grabbing a pair of rebounds.

Jan. 4 at Charlotte
Game 36: W – “Like this” if you can name three or more players for the Hornets. RT this if you can name the Hornet’s coach. K. Thanks.

Jan. 5 at Houston
Game 37: L – #Backtoback #Not good.

Jan 7 vs. Denver
Game 38: W – Mike Miller plays for the Nuggets? And his paper mache hamstrings are still holding up? Impressive.

Jan. 9 at Chicago
Game 39: W – Now that we’re closing in on the mid-way point of the season, Jimmy Butler’s minutes will be reduced. He only plays 45 against the Thunder.

Jan. 11 vs. Memphis
Game 40: W – If this tweet gets a 1,000 likes, you get to suit up for the Grizzlies.

Jan 13 – at Minnesota
Game 41: L – Looking forward to the Kyle Singler travel blog for the start of this six-game road trip.

Jan 15 –at Sacramento
Game 42: W – Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay on the same roster? What could go wrong.

Jan 16 – at Clippers
Game 43: L – Seems like every time these teams play it’s for something. Can this be Game 1 of the playoffs?

Jan 18 – at Golden State
Game 44: L – Just tell your boss Thursday morning you were up late last night cheering against KD. You’ll probably get employee of the month.

Jan 23 – at Utah
Game 45: L – It’s Enes Kanter night in Salt Lake City. Can’t wait to see what the T-Shirts look like.

Jan 25 – at New Orleans
Game 46: L – You don’t just walk into Smoothie King Center and expect to win.

Jan 26 – vs Dallas
Game 47: W – Six games on the road and you get to come home and see Mark Cuban? What is life?

Jan 29 – at Cleveland
Game 48: L – At least we don’t have to hear about how KD and LeBron are really good friends, workout in the offseason, are best friends, both drive a Kia, enjoy Sprite, etc.

Jan 31 – at San Antonio
Game 49: L – No TNT or national broadcast? Looking forward to seeing who Gregg Popovich berate after the first quarter.

Feb. 1 – vs. Chicago
Game 50: W – Always good to see Dwyane Wade, despite the fact he’s half-retired.

Feb. 3 – vs. Memphis
Game 51: W – If you promise to show up for another game later this season, we’ll allow you to leave early from this one.

Feb. 5 – vs. Portland
Game 52: W – Outside of Damien Lillard, hard to imagine where all the Portland points will come from. Then again, outside of Russ, where does the Thunder energy come from?☕️

Feb. 6 at Indiana
Game 53: W – It’s late enough in the season for the Pacers not to care too much about this game. That isn’t the case for Westbrook. #TripDoub

Feb. 9 vs. Cleveland
Game 54: L – Warm up for the Golden State game by getting upset with J.R. Smith.

Feb. 11 vs. Golden State
Game 55: W – This is the game one day you’ll tell your grandchildren about the time you booed Kevin Durant.

Feb. 13 at Washington
Game 56: W – Well, at least you don’t have to hear about KD returning home. #blessed

Feb. 15 vs. New York
Game 57: W – So cool to see Carmelo in OKC. Would be really even cooler if he wasn’t on the bench. Resting. Again. #sports

Feb. 24: vs. Lakers
Game 58: W – The All-Star break is over, but it’s nice to get an extra day of rest against the Lakers.

Feb. 28: vs. Utah
Game 59: W – This is the game you get to go to because you won a work raffle. #congrats

March 2: at Portland
Game 60: L – You’ll remember where you were the night Festus Ezeli and Steven Adams square off under the boards.

March 3: at Phoenix
Game 61: L – Barbosa, P.J. Tucker, Tyson Chandler and Jared Dudley. Teammates, but they could have been extras on Cocoon.

March 5: at Dallas
Game 62: L – The pre-game handshake between Westbrook and Cuban was surprising, but the two are Facebook friends, so whatevs.

March 7 vs. Portland
Game 63: W – The Terry Stotts homecoming party just isn’t what it used to be.

March 9 vs. San Antonio
Game 64: W – Game is late enough in the year, Pop will be resting everyone you’ve ever heard of. Upside: More minutes for Dewayne Dedmon. #glasshalffull

March 11 vs. Utah
Game 65: W – How many times are the Jazz on the schedule this year? Twelve? #Fantastic

March 14 at Brooklyn
Game 66: W – Hard to believe a team featuring no good players could be this bad. #tanking

March 16 vs. Toronto
Game 67: L – They the North and they the better team, too.

March 18 vs. Sacramento
Game 68: W – 0 percent chance Steven Adams doesn’t get someone on the Kings kicked out of the game.

March 20 vs. Golden State
Game 69: L – Last chance until the Thunder and the Warriors play in The Finals to show Kevin Durant how frustrated you are with him.

March 22 vs. Philadelphia
Game 70: W – Embid, Noel, Okafor and Simmons look amazing. Suit game is strong. Too bad they combine to play 0 minutes. #TrustTheProcess

March 26 at Houston
Game 71: L – Mike D’Antoni and James Harden’s commitment to defense is on full display, winning the game and holding Russell Westbrook to 44 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists. #lockeddown

March 27 at Dallas
Game 73: L – Back to back games, three games in four days. That’s Ri-Dirkulous.

March 29 at Orlando
Game 74: W – Total Inception moment when Oladipo goes up against D.J. Augustin, two guys who have switched teams, towns, uniforms. #mindblown

March 31 vs. San Antonio
Game 75: L – Spurs come in 74-0, but Popovich decides to rest everyone – not just the starters – for two quarters. Thunder win by a bucket.

April 2 vs. Charlotte
Game 76: W – Thunder manage to keep Jeremy Lamb in check, ease by Charlotte.

April 4 vs. Milwaukee
Game 77: L – Surprise Bucks close in on playoffs with last-second win over OKC.

April 5 at Memphis
Game 78: W – Four–game road trip starts with a win over a Memphis team that’s already started the offseason.

April 7 at Phoenix
Game 79: L – How is OKC losing to this team? Please RT.

April 9 at Denver
Game 80: W – No reason to apologize for not watching this one. We understand.

April 11 at Minnesota
Game 81: L – Please raise your hand if you thought an OKC-Minnesota game in April would be meaningful.

April 12 vs. Denver
Game 82: W – Fan appreciation night means lots of minutes for Kyle Singler and Semaj Christon. What a way to the end the season!

Overall record: 48-34

Fifth-seeded Thunder at fourth-seeded Clippers

Game 1
OKC at Clippers – L: Future Clipper Russell Westbrook goes off, but Thunder lose.

Game 2
OKC at Clippers – L: Chris Paul gets a bad rap for his playoff record. He’s 2-0 this year.

Game 3
Clippers at OKC – W: Home crowd, great environment and DeAndre Jordan at the free throw line are a great combo.

Game 4
Clippers at OKC – L: Well, at least you get a free, $8 t-shirt, right? Right?

Game 5
OKC at Clippers – W: This is the game where you consider calling Jostens and ordering a #championship ring. What a win.

Game 6
Clippers at OKC – L: Boo the refs and stand and cheer for Nick Collison’s last game.

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