11,000 seats remained empty during OSU Senior Night

11,000 seats remained empty during OSU Senior Night

OKC Thunder is creating national steam, scoring 120-108 Wednesday night against the LA Clippers. The thunder was neck-and-neck during the first half. they executed well, handled the ball and pushed through to victory. The Thunder need to keep up this momentum throughout the rest of the season if they want to stay out of the negative limelight.

There is no reason the Thunder should be doing as awful as they have been here lately. In previous games Desmond Mason says, “It’s like they don’t even know each other on the court half the time. The Kyle Singler experiment has failed. Enes Kanter needs a bigger role. He offers scoring and rebounds.”Kanter pulls through, scoring 14-points in Wednesday night’s game.

I wish we could say the same for Oklahoma State during the Big 12 tournament. This could be the last time we see Travis Ford on the sidelines. This season was full turmoil. OSU just can’t seem to keep their heads up. Okstate’s beloved, Eddie Sutton, gives the thumbs up to OSU’s prospect Doug Gottlieb for new head coach – obviously something has got to change.

11,000 seats remained empty during Senior Night at OSU – which is a pretty big statement. Sports has never been more of a business than it is now. College sports is demanding more and more money every year to sustain itself. The fans are tired of investing in season tickets to watch a loosing team.

Desmond Mason says, “There is no other way to impact a college or professional team than by not showing up. ” If OSU doesn’t make a big change soon than things won’t seem to be¬†looking up for the Cowboys.

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